About Us

Camp Breakdown

CBUC offers professional style weekend umpire training programs that have been specifically designed by current professional baseball umpires. Our fast paced and hands on learning environment will ensure students become more successful during their respective seasons. Whether you are just starting your umpiring career, or are a seasoned veteran, CBUC has a program for you! 

Our Teaching Technique

By  utilizing in-depth classroom sessions, as well as detailed field work and drills, our elite instructors will take the time to ensure students fully maximize their learning potential. In addition, CBUC will apply new and innovative techniques to aid all umpires in attaining their desired goals.

Our Philosophy
Our instructors will demonstrate, in-depth, the reasoning behind every correction and theory that is being taught. This way students will understand why they are doing something a certain way, which will help students begin to make the necessary adjustments. Instructors will also be using video technology during the cage sessions, as this allows students the opportunity to review their work, as well as any specific instructor feedback, after the fact.
Affiliation with the IBL
We are the #1 training and recruitment program for the IBL Umpire Staff. Between our fall Three-Umpire System Course and Winter Advanced Program, our students have the unprecedented and historic opportunity to be added onto the IBL umpire staff.

Canadian Baseball Umpire Camps

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