Reviews and Testimonials

Winter Advanced/Certification Training Program

Chris Goan

"The #CBUC program was awesome, excellent instruction, situational management simulation, cage work, classroom instruction and networking with fellow peers sharing situations and ideas was great. The professional umpires - Steven, Chris M, Chris G., Matt, Scott, Michael, Ben, Lisa and Ray B. allowed the campers with great perspective on their experiences and drill us like a professional camp will serve us well as we start our 2018 season. To hold a camp in February in Canada is difficult, however the facility at Appleby was great and the neat part was the situational game simulation in the bubble with actual plays really enforced making the calls on rules, call mechanics and challenges by field managers/players was part of the camp program which gave us the opportunity to apply calls with the best observing us and providing feedback for improvement. Thanks for great instruction and an enjoyable weekend to prepare us for our season and the season’s to come."

Keith Courville

"Aiden and I had a fantastic time at your inaugural camp! Instruction was top notch and we are already looking forward to next year. You'd better work on getting a bigger venue and more instructors because I have a feeling this camp will be in very high demand next year."

Ted Todoschuk

"Attended the first Canadian Baseball Umpire Camp this weekend. Very intensive two days and long hours but great instructors who helped everyone that attended. Steven J, Chris M and their crew were fantastic. First class guys! Most important you made it fun all weekend while learning. Great effort to make a great learning experience! Can’t wait for next year! All the best and thanks!"

Three-Umpire System Training Program

Richard Elmes

"Excellent experienced pro instructors! The instruction and positive feedback definitely helped us students learn, grow and increase our comfort level with the 3 umpire system. I would definitely recommend this to other umpires in Canada that want to grow and become more comfortable with this system."

Mike Stewart

Have to state that in my 48 years of umpiring, I have had some really great 1 on 1 MLB mentors over four decades, but the CBUC training from this weekend, is the cherry on my personal umpiring sundae.  


The attentiveness, encouragement, constructive criticism, hustle, and attention to detail provided by the staff...well there are no words to describe how enlightening this weekend was.  Having only worked a handful of 3-umpire games over that time period, the immersion process this weekend was most welcome. The course was mentally and physically challenging. At times my upper brain assembly cramped, blew out the left quad early on in Saturday's drills, but this course was a banquet, and darned if I was going to back away from the challenges with a muscle pull.  


Gentleman, what you shared with us this weekend is invaluable. I thank you all for your input, your counsel, and the levity that was the sugar helping the medicine go down easy. Please thank the ladies for tending to our needs; I did thank them individually, as well as the ball players on Saturday and again today, for their efforts.

Ted Todoschuk

Went to the 3 man umpire camp this weekend. As with their previous camp in February this camp was well organized by a very district group of professionals. Lots of field work and diamond situations covered and practice. This is what makes the camp so beneficial for all levels. Great environment with lots of excellent feedback on each drill. Learned a lot but will need to practice. In the end we’re all better for it. Thanks Chris and Steve and your team. Will see you in February!


Canadian Baseball Umpire Camps

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