What's New

Student experience is the #1 priority for CBUC. Additional features for this years camp include...

-CBUC now utilizes advanced audio technology, as well as instructor demonstrations to enhance student's on-field learning experience. Students will now be able to hear all instructor feedback no matter their location on the field. As well, instructors will demonstrate every drill to ensure students know exactly what is expected of them prior to starting. 


Check out the video below to hear it in action!

-Advanced Training Program now includes an additional Friday night classroom session. 


-Students participating in our Advanced Training Program will receive a personalized, 1 on 1 exit interview and a written observation card at the conclusion of the program, outlining areas of strengths and opportunities for improvement.


-Additional plate umpire cage sessions. This allows us to further expand upon plate fundamentals including proper enforcement of the strike zone using our training tools.


-Enhanced schedule with additional time for breaks, networking opportunities, and refreshments


Canadian Baseball Umpire Camps

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