Winter Advanced Course (Feb 8-10, 2019)

What We Offer

CBUC training programs have been specifically designed by professional umpires, in an effort to enhance umpire training. CBUC programs have been created for umpires of all ages and experience levels.  CBUC is proud to offer two different training programs to our students... 

CBUC will be offers a Fall 2018 3 Umpire System weekend clinic, in addition to our annual winter 2 Umpire System Advanced Training and Certification Program.

Fall 3 Umpire System Training Course

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In this program, students will explore the fundamentals, as well as the intricacies of the 3 umpire system. By using the professional baseball positioning methods, combined with the Baseball Canada methods taught by our staff of current professional baseball umpires who utilize the 3 umpire system on a daily basis, students will leave our program with an extremely enhanced knowledge of this system. 

Students in this program will have the luxury of learning the 3 umpire system both in the classroom and out of the field. This ensures students fully grasp all of the concepts that are being taught, and will ensure proper use during their respective games.

Some areas of focus during this program include...



-Fly Ball Responsibilities

-Trouble Balls

-Working the Base

-Working the Cutout

-Crew Chief Responsibilities

In addition to our training, we offer our students a historic and unprecedented opportunity for exposure, to be added onto the IBL Umpire Staff . Throughout the weekend course, students will have the opportunity to showcase their skills to the IBL Umpire-in-Chief, as well as league supervisors, under the watchful guidance of CBUC instructors. 

Located in Oakville, Ontario

Discounted Hotel Rates are available

Winter Advanced Training Course

Advanced Training Program
Level 1 & 2 Advanced Certification Program

This program is geared towards OBA Level 3 umpires and above. As well as umpires attending from out-of-province/country.


In this program, we will greatly expand upon the core umpire fundamentals. Through the use of our specifically designed program and teaching techniques, along with our staff of professional umpires and their enthusiasium and attitude towards teaching, students will receive the most intense, in-depth umpire training around. Students will not only be shown what to do, but instructors will explain in detail why certain things are done. This allows students to fully grasp the concepts, which will allow them to be more successful moving forward, no matter what their aspirations may be.

Some areas of focus include...

-Advanced 2 umpire system mechanics

-Using the working area

-Shading ball side of the field

-Plate/Base field responsibilities

-Advanced rule interpretation and application

-Strong plate fundamentals, observed through the use of live pitching and technology

-Situation management

At the end of this program, students will leave with an incredibly enhanced knowledge of the 2 umpire system, proper judgment and enforcement of the strike zone, and situation management. This program will ensure every umpire is prepared for their upcoming seasons, and feels more confident in their abilities on the field. 

In this program, students will explore the core fundamentals of umpiring. However, we will be bringing the standard 1 day certification clinic to a new level. Whether just starting out as an umpire, or already having a couple of seasons under your belt, this certification program will enhance your umpiring abilities, while giving every umpire the skills needed to succeed with confidence.

Some areas of focus include...

-2 umpire system positioning

-Field Responsibilities

-Proper Signals

-Style and form of calls



-Field presence and awareness

-Fundamental rule knowledge

-Plate Fundamentals such as: "heel-instep" feet positioning, shoulder alignment, head height, tracking the ball, and timing

-Situation management

At the end of this 2 day program, students who successfully pass the OBA standardized exam, will receive their OBA umpire certification for the year. In addition, students will be able to feel more confident in their umpire abilities, which will lead to success on the field. 


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